Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Receives NRA Grant to Fund Purchase of Training Equipment

By: Lieutenant Scott Spencer
| Published 05/14/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that training equipment has been received as a result of a grant the NRA Foundation has approved.

The equipment, (5) simunition rifle training bolts, and (5) Glock simunition conversion kits, will be utilized by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for the purpose of enabling reality-based training using non-lethal marking cartridges.

The grant was approved by the NRA Foundation Board of Trustees in April 2019. The NRA
Foundation provided funding in the amount of $3,710.00 for the purchase of the equipment to be utilized for training.

Sheriff Rand Henderson said, “Realistic and effective training is a must in law enforcement and we greatly appreciate the support of the NRA Foundation.”

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