The Garcia Group is Helping to Ignite the Light by Saying YES to YOUTH

By: Monette Smith
| Published 06/06/2019


THE WOODLANDS, Texas— A powerhouse team in the world of real estate and a passion for Yes To Youth also know as Montgomery County Youth Services, The Haley Garcia Group has created a signature cocktail that will exclusively be served to guests at Ignite the Light Gala on September 21st supporting the programs the team is thrilled to be able to help bring light to the often dark reality for kids throughout the community; a reality that YES to YOUTH works to change each and every day.

The Pink Powerhouse, a grapefruit martini, will indulge guests’ taste buds and will be an experience to one of Garcia’s favorite cocktails. Napkins featuring the drink recipe will be at each table so that each time a guest recreates the concoction at home they are reminded of the need in our own backyard – and The Garcia Group hopes that this will help remind the community to continue giving back throughout the year.

“It’s a fun way to show our support, but we also want to remind our friends and neighbors to always give back when they can,” Haley Garcia said. “Personally I believe everyone in life needs hope, and I see it as a responsibility of mine to create hope in all avenues especially with the children.”

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