Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson Releases Hawk

By: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
| Published 07/12/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - On May 30, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Deputies were notified by The Woodlands Mall Security personnel that a red-tailed Hawk had flown into a disabled outdoor elevator and was trapped. Deputies, with the assistance of The Woodlands Fire Department, were able to gain access to the elevator shaft and rescue two Hawks from the enclosure that were malnourished and exposed to hydraulic fluid used to operate the elevator. The Hawks were immediately bathed at the scene by Sheriff’s Deputies and Woodlands Fire personnel, and taken to Friends of Texas Wildlife, a non-profit organization that helps with injured or orphaned native wildlife. The Howard Hughes Corporation was contacted and immediately responded to protect other birds from being trapped.

Yesterday, Sheriff Rand Henderson had the pleasure to release the last Hawk that was trapped in the Woodlands Mall elevator shaft on May 30. The Hawk was freed by responding Deputies and members of The Woodlands Fire Department but was malnourished and exposed to chemicals from the elevator. The Hawk was taken to the non-profit organization Friends of Texas Wildlife for treatment and care. Thanks to their rehabilitation efforts, the Hawk was designated fit and healthy for release.

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