Fox Travel celebrates its 35th anniversary

By: JD Hurd II
| Published 07/15/2019


THE WOODLANDS -- “When our clients return, they share their experience with us. Now we’ve entered into a deeper relationship with them because we’ve given them a memory that no one can take away. That’s a pretty special place to be.”

Donna Daniels and James Bailey, founders, and owners of Fox Travel have provided those everlasting memories to members of The Woodlands community for 35 years. Since opening its doors in 1984, Fox Travel has sent clients all across the globe for every type of vacation imaginable.

With a staff that has experience with over 150 countries and a combined 200 years of work in the travel business, Fox Travel has an advantage over the competition when it comes to in-person planning.

“We believe in the ‘Human Element’ when planning a vacation,” said Daniels. “Whether a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or any number of other special occasions or just got-to-getaways, we want clients & prospective clients to visit our office and sit down with a real live professional travel adviser. This way we can be spontaneous about suggestions, destinations, length of trip, etc.”

Fox Travel is backed by the buying power and perks of preferred American Express Travel suppliers, combined with being accredited by the Travel Institute, the industry's highest accreditation, and educational society, and many other accolades and certifications. This allows their staff to help coordinate your dream vacation, no matter the destination, theme, or event. Whether it’s a Disney cruise to the Caribbean or a trip to the World Cup final in France, Fox Travel will help check off all the vacations on your bucket list.

“Being an American Express Travel Associate we have special contact numbers and emails if we need to get assistance with most suppliers of tours or cruises,” said Daniels. “Also, there are special offerings made to American Express Associate offices where clients can use any major credit card.”

With the rise in the number of travel apps and websites, some people will read this and wonder why they should bother with using a travel service company. This is one of the most common misconceptions about the travel industry according to Donna Daniels.
“Some travelers think they don’t need our experienced assistance, and that everything they want is on the Internet, or their friends told them all they needed to know,” said Daniels. “But they don’t know what they don’t know. Sometimes it’s better to visit with a travel adviser who can put several pieces of your trip in a different order, saving you hours or days of travel, making it less costly.”

Fox Travel, for 35 years, has been fully committed to satisfying the wants and needs of every customer. From working with clients in-person to plan every detail of the trip to exhausting every resource available to get the right answer to a client’s questions, Fox Travel strives to continue to be a trusted business in The Woodlands community.

“Travel is a relationship business grounded in trust between clients and travel advisers,” said Daniels. “It is a special place that we do not take lightly. We seek to renew the trust with everything we do on behalf of our clients. I guess it must be working as we could not have lasted 35 years if it did not.”

To get more info on how Fox Travel has helped travelers enjoy the best experiences since 1984, visit them at 25701 IH-45 North, Suite 3A, next to Pizza Hut, or visit the website here.

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