Austin Labor Day Cup 2019

By: Simon Boddison
| Published 09/05/2019


HOUSTON, TX – The Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer Club (HDDY), a nationally recognized premier soccer club for boys / girls took eighty five (85) of their competitive teams to the Austin Labor Day Cup hosted by Lonestar Soccer Club over the holiday weekend. Twenty nine teams (29) made the finals with ten (10) teams crowned as champions.

Team: Dash West 04 PA - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Michael Quinn
Record: W3-L0-T1

Team: Dash West 07 Black - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Djewad Senouci Bereksi
Record: W3-L0-T1

Team: Dash Woodlands 07 PA - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Benn Fernie
Record: W3-L1

Team: Dynamo Montgomery 09 Orange - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Jack Woolsey
Record: W4-L0

Team: Dynamo Montgomery 06 Orange - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Jack Woolsey
Record: W4-L0

Team: Dash Kingwood 08 Orange - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Josh Smith
Record: W3-L0-T1

Team: Dynamo Kingwood 07 Orange - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Jorge Carrasco
Record: W4-L0

Team: Dynamo Kingwood 08 Orange - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: David Hubbard
Record: W4-L0

Team: Dash Woodlands 08 PA - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Michael Openshaw
Record: W3-T1-L0

Team: 03 Dynamo Woodlands PA - CHAMPIONS!
Coach: Jason Madvig
Record: W3-L0

'I would like to thank all the players and families for their support throughout last weekend's event in Austin. We took 85 teams to the state capital and provided some much needed pre-season competition for many of our age groups. We look forward now to competing in our fall league season.' Stuart Fitzsimons, Director of Coaching - Competitive.

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