New Update on repairs for Research Forest

By: San Jacinto River Authority SJRA
| Published 10/11/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- SJRA, its contractors, and Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s Office (Precinct 3) continue to inspect and repair the area. Flushing of the water line began on October 9th and is complete. Residents may see trucks with fill dirt as well as striping trucks in the area throughout the weekend. Due to today’s rain, we may experience some delays in striping the new pavement and seeking inspection and approval from Precinct 3. We will provide additional updates once striping has been done and the walk through is complete.

Uncover affected area after Tropical Storm Imelda (COMPLETED);
Dewater the area (COMPLETED);
Remove bank sand from around the pipe (COMPLETED);
Install a new section of pipe (COMPLETED);
Hydrotest the new pipe (COMPLETED);
Backfill the affected area (COMPLETED);
Remove remaining pavement (COMPLETED);
Re-pave the affected area (COMPLETED);
Flushing of the water line (COMPLETED);
Stripe the road (Occurring Sunday, October 13th, weather permitting); and
Coordination with Precinct 3 to reopen the eastbound side (Occurs after inspection by Precinct 3 and weather permitting*).

*Concrete can take approximately 6-7 days of dry weather to cure before being opened safely to traffic. Drivers will see traffic control and reduced activity during this time.

We realize this is a slow process and an immense inconvenience for everyone who drives in the area. Repairing a water line and a major thoroughfare is a large-scale project that requires a detailed process to ensure the work is done PROPERLY and SAFELY. Thank you Precinct 3 engineers for your assistance and cooperation. Many thanks to Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson and Montgomery County Constable Ryan Gable for traffic control.

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