Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Introduces New Program in Jail

By: Specialist Lee Knudsen
| Published 10/23/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with New Life Women’s Center implemented the New Life Enrichment Program (NLEP) in February of 2019.

The NLEP is a voluntary faith-based program offered to the Montgomery County Jail female inmate population. It operates Monday through Friday, for 2–3.5 hours per day.

NLEP participants are required to:
• Complete a jail assessment form and request an interview
• Be housed separately with other NLEP participants
• Follow Montgomery County Jail and NLEP rules
• Undergo daily evaluation reflecting overall participation and progress
• Contribute to team unity
• Complete required group and individual curriculum
• Complete reports as a result of group studies and mentoring sessions
• Practice what is being taught

The goal is to stop destructive cycles, impart solid life skills, and equip women to return to their families and community ready to contribute to the betterment of those around them.

The New Life Enrichment Program addresses rehabilitation of various types: Substance Abuse Recovery, Anger Resolution, Personal/Emotional Development, Character Qualities, Life Management, and Relationship/Communication Skills.???
The NLEP staff works hard to meet the individual recovery needs of each student, and holds each student accountable to take full advantage of the resources and services available to them while in the program and after release. They are continually challenging themselves and their peers to grow past their comfort levels and learn a new healthy way of living. True transformation is not for the faint of heart, and these women strive daily to improve their personal growth and development.

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