DA Boys Development Academy Winter Showcase | Cup 2019

By: Simon Boddison
| Published 12/19/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer Club publishes results and player's reflections.

Boys Development Academy Results:
- 12/5/19: 11:10 AM - Sockers FCU 1 - Houston Dynamo Youth 0
- 12/5/19: 1:20 PM - Concorde Fire 5 - Houston Dynamo Youth 1
- 12/6/19: 10:00 AM - Bethesda SC 1 - Houston Dynamo Youth 2
- 12/7/19: 11:15 AM - Houston Dynamo Youth 3 - Richmond United 3
- 12/8/19: 9:00 AM - Seacoast United 1 - Houston Dynamo Youth 2

Player Quotes / Reflections:

'My experience at the DA Winter Showcase was both fun and resourceful. To have the opportunity to travel, eat and swim with my teammates, while also showcasing my talent and skill to almost every college is sensational. As a young athlete, I have to stay on top with my grades and soccer simultaneously. Studying hard and reviewing for school is my part, while Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth provides several windows of opportunities for me and my teammates to showcase our talent which will guide us in our soccer career.

I've been in this club for 11 years now and I consider Houston Dynamo Youth my second family. The bonds of my teammates and coaches are totally unique while the desire to win and improve cannot be found elsewhere. I'm very grateful for all this club has given me.' Siddiq Leezar, U17 DA Defender | Team Captain.

'My experience at the showcase was wonderful and I got to play against all the top DA players and teams in the DA Cup. It was great knowing I was competing against the best talent in the US. I’m glad I got to play with my teammates and I was so excited to showcase my talent in front of the professional scouts and college coaches watching our games. Yes, I was a little nervous but I just took care of what I needed to do, played my game, did what I could do best to help my team get the win. I can’t wait for the next amazing experience like this one.

This will help my soccer career by being able to get into college hopefully at the NCAA Div. I level. I just want to continue my career doing what I love most in life which is playing soccer and to obtain an educational degree. One day I would like to make it to a professional league. I know it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible and it's up to me to make it happen. I know the showcase was helpful because of the amount of college coaches and professional scouts watching.

I am so happy with this club since the moment I joined as there was a true connection. I love the staff, coaches and directors. This club is like a family. We treat each other with respect and there is a lot of love for everyone at the club. My teammates are the best and we all get along very well on and off the field, we have that connection that makes us play great together. All my teammates know I love them like brothers. My coaches and I have such a great bond and they push you to do your best and to excel. Yes, they are hard on me, but I like that because I know they’re trying to get the best out of me to make me into a better soccer player and person.' Nathan Lopez, U17 DA Forward.

'My experience attending the showcase was great especially because it was my first ever. It was amazing to see all the great talent around the U.S. and also getting to showcase all our talent in front of the college coaches. It was truly a good opportunity for me and every youth athlete present. This will help me with my soccer career for many reasons. Going to the DA showcase gave me so much exposure in front of many colleges and allowed me to see where my playing ability was in comparison to the other players at the event. After this showcase, it made me more motivated to always work hard to achieve my goals.

I love playing with this club. Right from the start, they made me feel like family. The coaches are amazing and they always push me past my best abilities. They have taught me so many things in such a short amount of time. My teammates and I have built a bond that can’t be broken, and they will forever be my brothers.' Jonathan Abusada, U17 DA Midfielder.

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