Montgomery County Road Projects Update

By: Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack
| Published 02/18/2020


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack continues to make safety and mobility a top priority as two more projects are slated to begin this spring.

The Lake Woodlands widening project and Interstate 45 at Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road interchange and signalization project will advance the effort to implement commonsense mobility solutions throughout Precinct 3.

Lake Woodlands Drive will be widened from just west of Six Pines Drive to Interstate 45. This project is scheduled to begin in March and will take approximately nine months to complete.

The Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road at I-45 project improves the intersections of the I-45 frontage access at Woodlands Parkway and Robinson Road. The project also includes widening Robinson Road at Patsy Lane. The limits of the Robinson Road widening are approximately 350 feet west of Patsy Lane intersection to approximately 550 feet east of the intersection. This project will take approximately 12 months to complete.

Rayford Road Project Nears Completion

All concrete for eastbound lanes on the UPRR bridge, the rail and Rayford Access has been poured. The contractor is working to complete asphalt along the access road. All bridge lanes and Rayford Access road should be open in the coming weeks.

The final layer of asphalt will be completed this weekend from Fox Ravine to the Grand Parkway. The median will be installed in the coming weeks.

Asphalt along the westbound lanes from Legends Reach to Legends Run also will be completed soon, with signalized lights being erected at the Rayford Road-Fox Run Boulevard and Rayford Road-Legends Run intersections.

Benders Landing Asphalt Repair

Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s Office has contracted with one of the county’s approved asphalt companies to complete street repairs on four main streets in Benders Landing.

Crews will be out starting Tuesday, Feb. 18, to repair subgrade at specific areas along East Benders Landing, West Benders Landing, Waterbend Cove and Lexington.

This will be followed by asphalt overlay along these stretches

• East Benders Landing (between Lexington and West Benders Landing)
• Waterbend Cove (between West Benders Landing and East Benders Landing)
• West Benders Landing (between Lexington and Loma)
• Lexington (between Buena Way and East Benders Landing)

The repairs will last several days and may be interrupted by inclement weather. Some lanes and stretches of road will be closed for short periods each day.

Once completed, Precinct 3 will contract with a striping company to paint crosswalks at around a dozen locations in Benders Landing. Precinct 3 also will install pedestrian crossing signs where necessary at these locations.

New Traffic Patterns!

Precinct 3 has altered the traffic patterns at the intersections of New Trails/Technology Forest and Cochran's Crossing/Bay Branch after updated traffic studies showed those intersections warranted 4-way stop and 3-way stops, respectively, as well as eventual traffic signals.

The intersection at the New Trails and Technology Forest is now a 4-way stop; and the intersection of Bay Branch and Cochran's Crossing is now a 3-way stop.

Please proceed through these intersections with caution as motorists adjust to the new traffic patterns.

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