AG Ken Paxton clarifies GA-18, salons, gyms and bars to remain closed

By: Commissioner James Noack- Montgomery County Precinct Three
| Published 05/01/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a letter of guidance regarding Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order GA-18 after Montgomery County sought clarity of the order during Commissioners Court on Tuesday.

“We want to advocate for and support these businesses,” Commissioner Noack said. “We asked for clarification and the Governor and AG Paxton provided that clarification.”

According to AG Paxton’s order, “Some services are neither essential nor reopened services for purposes of GA-18. These include ‘bars, gyms, public swimming pools, interactive amusement venues such as bowling alleys and video arcades, massage establishments, tattoo studios, piercing studios, or cosmetology salons.’ GA-18 prohibits people from “visiting” these businesses. News reports have suggested that GA-18 does not prohibit these businesses from opening their doors to the public. We disagree,” read the order.

Throughout the whole stay at home order related to COVID-19, Montgomery County Law Enforcement has used common sense, community policing efforts. We will continue to support their efforts as we move forward through the process of reopening the economy.

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