Power Outage Update From Chairman of The Woodlands Township

By: Woodlands Online
| Published 08/28/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX – As concerns about wide spread power outages within the community continue, Gordy Bunch, Chairman of The Woodlands Township, made a statement on his Facebook page, August 28, containing a Friday morning update.

The statement is as follows:
“Friday AM Update:
Last night the steps Entergy is taking to eliminate the need for periodic power outages was laid out.. The first step was to successfully energize the Hartburg 500kv transmission line. That line was energized at around 10:30 p.m. We’ve begun to restore the load. We will continue to work with MISO to ensure the system remains stable, and we hope to report a successful ramping of the Sabine unit tomorrow.”

His statement from last night includes information as well –
“10PM Entergy Power Outage Update:
Power began coming back on line throughout the evening and there are areas that are still waiting to get power back.
1. Areas that have been without power the longest are first in line. More areas will be coming online throughout the evening a loads drop with the temperature.
2. Shortly after Hurricane Laura hit SETX/SWLA Entergy had 7 of their 8 transmission lines go down.
3. Entergy was required to manage loads with only one line functioning. That required dropping 500 MegaWatts immediately.
4. One of the seven downed lines is currently being tested. If this line is functional it can help spread the load and potentially eliminate future rolling blackouts. We should know by early Morning the status of this transmission line.
5. There is a power generation plant in Orange County that was evacuated ahead of Hurricane Laura. It is being assessed and prepped to comeback on-line early tomorrow. It takes time for it to ramp up but could have additional power available mid-day to afternoon that will also help alleviate potential rolling blackouts.
6. Entergy sought and was granted DOE approval for ERCOT power transfers. This is the adjacent grid to our area that can provide energy that would additionally offset load balancing requirements. This step is the third option behind the 2nd transmission line and Orange County Power Plant. It’s 3rd because it would require up to 8 hours to establish the transfers. Entergy is optimistic that the first two options will suffice but wanted to make sure everyone knew they had a tertiary option ready to go if needed.
7. If there is a need for further rolling blackout they will have time to provide advance notices and will share those with their customers and local government.”

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