On September 8, 2020 Commissioners Court will vote on the 2020 tax rate

By: Commissioner James Noack- Montgomery County Precinct Three
| Published 09/01/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- This year we have faced rising appraisals, economic uncertainty, mandated business closures, and a pandemic. This has led to lower wages, lost jobs, and unemployment like we’ve never experienced.

This is not the time to vote to increase taxes.

We have an opportunity to adopt the no new revenue rate, which will raise the same amount of property tax revenue for 2020 as it did in 2019. We would actually lower the rate from .4475 to .4319.

We can adopt the no new revenue rate and still provide the services you expect from Montgomery County. Law Enforcement budgets will not be affected.

With so many residents and business struggling — NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO RAISE TAXES.

Please plan on attending this hearing and voice your opinion on this important issue.

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