Robichau’s Jewelry Teams Up With Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walk Coordinator and AS Mom To Donate Custom-Made Jewelry for Auction

By: Liz Grimm
| Published 09/01/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Spring resident Diandra Chebul, a coordinator of this year’s Houston Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) Walk and a mom of two children with Angelman’s, has teamed up with Robichau’s Jewelry in The Woodlands to feature custom-made jewelry for the walk’s online auction.

Traditionally held in The Woodlands, this year’s Houston ASF Walk goes virtual on September 5-12, 2020.

As a nod to the ASF’s winged logo, Matt Robichau has created a custom-designed set of solid silver jewelry – a pair of wing earrings and a wing necklace – currently available now through September 5 for auction at

Each year, the ASF Walk is held in 45 cities across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for research and support. Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that is caused by the loss of function of a particular gene during fetal development, resulting in severe neurological impairment present at birth and lasting for a lifetime. Symptoms vary and include severe developmental delays, speech impairments, seizures, walking and balance disorders, and frequent laughter and excitability. It is estimated that AS occurs in one in every 15,000 live births.

Traditionally, Houston’s ASF Walk has been held in The Woodlands in May. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s walk was postponed and ultimately pivoted to be hosted as a virtual walk September 5th -12th. The walk raises funds for research aimed at finding treatments and a cure, and to provide direct support to individuals with Angelman syndrome and their families or caregivers.

“We are extremely thankful for Robichau’s Jewelry for stepping up to the plate to help us with this creative auction item,” explains Chebul, whose two young sons, Alexander and Nicholas, have Angelman syndrome. “Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we were challenged to find creative and innovative ways to host our ‘walk’ this year through a virtual platform, as fundraising is more important now than ever before. We encourage the community to participate and support us this year. We are determined not to let COVID-19 slow us down!”

In addition to the jewelry set by Robichau’s Jewelry, the virtual walk will include an online auction of items such as trips, beach/lake stays, airfair, etc., online challenges and fundraising contests, virtual rallies with virtual raffle tickets available for prizes, and of course, a mobile walk app.

To join the 2020 Houston ASF Walk and support its engaging virtual activities, visit and click the Houston location. For more information, visit the Houston ASF Walk’s Facebook page at or contact the Houston ASF Walk coordinators Diandra Chebul at or Selena Garza at or 832-647-4561.

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