Local Company Tachus is Bringing Fiber-Optic Network to The Woodlands

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 09/30/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Tachus is a local company that provides 100% fiber-optic Internet directly to customers’ homes. Best yet, their fast and reliable Internet has no hidden fees, and no contracts required.

“We're building a generational network that probably will outlive every one of us.

Tachus co-founder Hal Brumfield decided to create the company after his mom’s Internet bill unexpectedly skyrocketed. After spending too much time debating contracts and rates with the large Internet service provider she used, he decided that there had to be a better way. Brumfield then met Carter Old, President and CFO, who was instrumental in establishing Tachus. Together, they co-founded Tachus to build an Internet company that keeps the customer’s best interest at the forefront of all that they do.

The differences between the outdated copper lines that are typically used for Internet and the new fiber lines that Tachus installs are astronomical. Think of the lines as the road for transmitting and receiving data. With copper, all of the traffic for all of the homes utilizing that line ultimately ends up on a single lane freeway. That's why there are slowdowns on weekends, after hours, and holidays, because everybody is funneling down ultimately this one lane at the same time. Fiber differs in the fact that there are multiple strands of fiber within a single line.

“One single strand of fiber will carry 1 million times the data that [copper] will,” Brumfield said. Tachus is currently putting 1,728 strands into The Woodlands. In fact, they’re investing over $25 million over the next 18 months into the area.

Weather is another huge factor to consider when weighing out whether or not to make the switch from copper to fiber. “With copper, you’ll usually start seeing problems around five years, once it's put in,” Brumfield said. “So what you might see is a lot of construction going on that's replacing spans.”

For example, say there is a network that goes from span A, to span B, to span C, and so forth. If the span between B and C starts to malfunction, the supplier will only replace that specific span, as opposed to replacing the entire line. “So they're constantly band aiding this network, just trying to keep it up and running,” Brumfield noted.

There are fiber lines, however, that are being used for intercontinental communications between the US and different countries. These lines are running along the subsea floor, which is possibly one of the harshest environments, and they have sustained productivity for decades.

“We're building a generational network that probably will outlive every one of us,” Brumfield said.

It’s also important to note that many companies may claim to have a fiber-optic network, but they only actually have fiber placed for specific spans, meaning the network is only as fast as its slowest copper connection. Tachus on the other hand, literally brings a piece of fiber from the cabinet to the inside of a customer’s home, making their network 100% fiber-optic.

For Tachus to have incentive to build a fiber-optic network within a specific area, they first need a high enough volume of residents in demand of their service. They’ve designed a system for area signups where they charge a $20 signup fee - this is to validate the seriousness of each claim. Once the network is built, they then apply that $20 towards the first month’s bill, plus they waive the installation fee for those who signed up prior to the network being built. If for some reason they don't reach the threshold they need in order to build, then they will refund every person’s money.

Tachus’ pricing structure is simple; customers pay a fixed monthly rate based on how many megabits per second they want. 100 Mbps costs $65 a month, 500 Mbps costs $80 a month, and 1,000 Mbps costs $90 a month.

If interested, please visit Tachus.com for more information.

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