Inspiration Ranch Works to Grow its Programs and its Industry

By: Ashley Hamlin
| Published 01/11/2021


MAGNOLIA, TX -- As Inspiration Ranch steps into 2021, it adds a certified instructor to expand its Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Riding Program and plans a regional conference that will help the equine-assisted services industry thrive.

For years, Inspiration Ranch has had a waitlist for its therapeutic riding program, and so the growth of this program has remained a top priority. But the organization also has a goal of helping its industry to grow.

“Our mission is to offer hope, renew lives, and inspire change,” says Inspiration Ranch President and CEO MG Tindall, “to us, that means growing our own programs’ capacities, to be sure. But it also means making sure our entire industry has what it needs to flourish.”

Last week, Justine Daniel, a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl.) Certified Instructor, joined Darlene Cary and Barb Ward on Inspiration Ranch’s team of instructors. Daniel, who earned her certified instructor status to follow a calling to partner with horses to serve the special needs community, will allow the Ranch to add at least 20 slots to its therapeutic riding program. Because this program improves its clients' physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities in weekly sessions, her addition will have a significant impact.

In May, Inspiration Ranch will help the region’s PATH, Intl. Certified Instructors grow their skill sets by hosting a workshop and certification event. Led by highly respected industry leader Joelle Devlin, this workshop will help instructors stay up to date on industry standards and best practices, build lessons plans, chose the best tack for riders with different needs, and offer demos on teaching techniques so that they can plan effective and safe riding sessions. Devlin has also been mentoring instructors in training through the certification process at the Ranch.

“PATH, Intl. Certified Instructors have to be prepared to help clients with dozens of different diagnoses and needs, and that requires a wide skill set,” says Tindall, “there are hundreds of clients served by PATH, Intl. Instructors across this region. This conference means we can help more than just our clients.”

The Vision Statement of Inspiration Ranch says that it will seek excellence in its equine-assisted activities and therapies while inspiring others to grow the arena of hope. Adding Daniel to its own program and leveraging Devlin’s skills to help the region’s instructors build skills is doing just that. Both science and medicine are showing the unique and considerable benefits of equine-assisted activities. As Inspiration Ranch steps into 2021, it plans to help its community and industry amplify those benefits.

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