SJRA Efforts During Winter Storm

By: San Jacinto River Authority SJRA
| Published 02/19/2021


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- The winter storm has impacted all of us and devastated large parts of the state of Texas.

Despite the misery that this storm has caused, Montgomery County has come together to serve not only our county, but surrounding areas and the state of Texas.

SJRA’s surface water treatment plant at Lake Conroe is one of the few utility systems in the Greater Houston region not on a Boil Water Notice.

As a result, SJRA was able to send potable water from Lake Conroe to partners regionally and across the state, including hospitals, airports, and animal shelters.

Our staff has coordinated with local emergency management officials to fill tanker trucks headed as far away as Arlington, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

Many thanks to those truck drivers hauling water four-plus hours across Texas to customers who desperately needed it!

Storm Preparations

Thank you to our staff—and especially our operators who were on duty 24/7 serving our customers—for successfully navigating this incident. Their successful operations are due to years of planning, top-notch maintenance, investments in our infrastructure, and their professionalism in gathering fuel, supplies, and winterizing pipes before the event.

All of our utility systems have been up and running through the entire event without outages and without boil water notices.

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