Note from Commissioner Noack regarding the Winter Storm

By: James Noack
| Published 03/03/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX - As we now repair pipes, remove/replace sheetrock and begin to put things back together, I’d like to share my gratitude and a few photos I took during the winter storm.

First, I’d like to thank my awesome Precinct 3 team for the countless hours they worked and for their dedication to our community. Many of my employees suffered property damage/loss because they worked around the clock taking care of our precinct.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office worked closely with Precinct 3 throughout the storm, helping close roads, bridges and overpasses while keeping us all safe.

A tow truck driver with Red Line Towing happened to show up twice when we needed assistance with vehicles on the icy roads.

Church Project opened its doors and hearts to keep people warm.

The Fire Department and the Hospital District ran record numbers of calls to make sure people received the care they needed.

Sgt. Hoffmeyer worked day and night escorting the sand trucks and keeping our Precinct 3 employees safe.

And a BIG Thank YOU to those who brought food and fed the Precinct 3 team during this event.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of our community and how grateful I am to be in a position to serve YOU.

Thank you all and God Bless!

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