Inspection and Registration Sticker Waiver Expires on April 15th

By: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
| Published 04/13/2021


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - On March 16, 2020 Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a waiver of certain vehicle title and registration requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This waiver will end on April 14, 2021 at 11:59 PM.

Starting 12:00 AM on April 15, 2021, all Texas laws regarding motor vehicle inspection and registration will be in full effect and we urge you to use the next two days to ensure your personal vehicles are all in compliance.

Reminder: Before renewing registration, Texans will need to obtain a passing vehicle inspection at the state vehicle inspection station of their choice, unless their vehicle is exempt from inspection requirements.

The expiring temporary waiver covers the following services:
• Initial vehicle registration.
• Vehicle registration renewal.
• Vehicle titling.
• Renewal of permanent disabled parking placards.
• 30-day temporary permits.

For more info, you can go to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles here:

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