Real Life Real Music Live with Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee at Dosey Doe July 13

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 07/06/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — Real Life Real Music is a deep dive into the living history of legendary musicians that formed Texas’s sound. Series founder and host, singer/songwriter Kyle Hutton, interviews fellow artists between songs at Dosey Doe - The Big Barn in The Woodlands, Tx. Audience members enjoy an intimate concert and rare learning experience, where vocalists perform and discuss their music in detail.

Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee will take the stage, July 13th at 7:00 PM. The duo will delve into the journey of their music careers, livelihood, and creative processes. They’ll communicate with the audience through song, as well, within the acoustically pure space of Dosey Doe - The Big Barn.

“To me, I could picture Mickey Gilley anywhere from Carnegie Hall to a dark bar down the street,” Hutton said. “And then Johnny Lee, I've always experienced his music more as just good ol’ boy country.”

The opportunity to experience these artists in such an unprocessed and authentic way is unlikely to happen anywhere else. It’s possibly even once in a lifetime, as Real Life Real Music doesn’t typically repeat guests.

Hutton’s goal is for fans to leave the show with an inside look into their favorite artists, for them to gain insight and learn knowledge that they couldn’t find in any book, or on any website.

There’s a reason the Texas Center for Texas Music History referenced the series archives as a, “treasure trove of important cultural and historical recordings.” The secret lies within a host who not only creates music himself but cares for the preservation of its history so deeply.

“We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, much less, how long we're going to be around,” Hutton said. “My hope is that we capture something that will way outlive all of us; that is an explanation of what this part of our music history here in this area means not only to us, but what it's meant to the landscape of country music and everything else … It’s a really unique opportunity for people that are fans of Mickey Gilley’s or Johnny Lee’s, or were fans of Gilley’s [club], or Houstonians that have loved country music and evolved with it as things have grown. This is just gonna be a real special opportunity to revisit a real important chapter.”

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