Dosey Doe - The Big Barn hosted Love Heals Youth’s Concert 4 Love

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 11/25/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Love Heals Youth rocked the house at Dosey Doe - The Big Barn at their inaugural concert, Concert 4 Love, with Payton Riley, Daire McLeod, and Jeff Canada!

Special fundraising event benefited local foster youth

With approximately 300 patrons in attendance, the artists shared stories about working with foster youth and sang original songs. Riley moved the crowd with an abundance of emotion with the song “Love Heals” that she co-wrote with Rebecca Smith-Nash, the founder of Love Heals Youth, a nonprofit organization.

“I am honored to share the stage with my favorite guy, Jeff Canada, and the super talented, Daire McLeod,” she said

Love Heals Youth had hopes of hosting an epic event unlike any other. With the Concert for Love being for the kids, the organization surprised the crowd with special guests, the foster youth. Leadership with Love Heals Youth reserved the entire upstairs area of the venue for several group homes to bring the foster youth and staff.

Love Heals Youth received support from sponsorships with Woodforest National Bank, Duke Coon, and David Finley. With approximately 50 foster youth in attendance, these sponsors made it possible for the youth to attend at no cost and ensured the kids had plenty to eat. Love Heals Youth gratefully accepted several additional generous donations to help offset the costs.

Love Heals Youth is unique in the services they provide, with the primary focus being on mental health. The organization contracts with a team of counselors to provide therapeutic services for the foster youth.

Concert for Love set out to create a special night for the supporters and the foster youth. Liz Foley, Vice President of the board said, “It was a unique and special memory for all of us, including the foster youth, that will never be forgotten.”

Dina Hafley, President of the board agreed and added, “These kids have made more of a difference for all of us. We have to do more and show them love. They have lived in the shadows for too long, it’s time to be the beacon of light.”

Also, during the Concert for Love, Shiva Baradaran with Senator Brandon Creighton’s office, surprised Rebecca Smith-Nash with a resolution recognizing all of her hard work and dedication to foster youth and mental health.

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