Justin Kendrick, CEO of Memorial Herman The Woodlands Medical Center Gives Insight To Our Current Health Crisis

By: Gunnar Luckoski
| Published 08/04/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX - At 3:30 PM today, Justin Kendrick SVP & CEO of Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital and Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center will be live-streamed at the Woodlands Online office to talk about an emergency Covid situation. With the Delta variant of Covid picking up traction across the country, Mr. Kendrick will be answering questions regarding the current situation unfolding in our community. Prior to this live stream Mr. Kendrick had these words.

“Our biggest objective is to raise awareness of the fourth surge of this Covid pandemic, attributed to the Delta variant. This surge has been incredible fast, it caught a lot of people off guard. For example, our numbers have gone up 20-fold before five weeks ago, since last Thursday, numbers have doubled. Interesting enough, most patients are unvaccinated individuals. This is turning into a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Patient population tracking since February has been 99.5% of patients are unvaccinated of Covid positive. There has been a significant age shift. 64% unvaccinated are below the age of 49. There really has been a belief that this is a disease of the elderly, but it has significantly shifted. Our objective is to raise awareness in the community and encourage everyone to be vaccinated if they are able to. Also, mind social distancing, masking, and proper cleaning. The Delta variant according to the CDC says it’s as contagious as chickenpox. With the school year beginning, we are starting to see a ramp-up of children. This goes with an ease of social distancing and masking throughout the summer.”

It’s important for our community to stay informed, so be sure to watch the live stream at 3:30 PM. Remember, consult your doctor about any concerns with medical information. 

Click here to view the Justin Kendrick Interview

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