Tantalizing Tex-Mex in The Woodlands at Baja Sur Fresh Mex & Tequila Bar

By: Kriss Arbury
| Published 08/25/2021


When asked to attend a 5 course tequila tasting I expected nothing more than another Tex-Mex restaurant and some free tequila. To my surprise I was treated to an experience to remember at Creekside’s newest hotspot. A relatively small and cozy white brick room with a huge center bar. John the proprietor has set a higher standard for this cantina and it is sure to excite the locals. We started with an amazing roasted corn chorizo bisque that was followed by the best ceviche I have ever tasted. A wonderful lime soaked treat with Mahi and avocado, suited with a ‘neat’ Lalo Tequila.

During the experience chef Coco explained each offering while another educated us on the finer points of tequilas and how to savor it properly. No it’s not, lick, slam, squeeze, and grimace. Apparently, it’s: “Inhale, Sip, Exhale.” Who knew? Trust me, it actually makes a difference! Moving on, that lead to an odd but wonderful fried queso blanco caprese salad, covered in a cilantro pesto… So Yummy! A couple other more traditional courses followed and then, the closer . A tres leches creme brûlée served with a salted Momma Coco Martini. By now conversation levels had increased and the fiesta was on. A wonderful evening was had by all. Needless to say, we will be back.

John and Coco have a recipe for success with this place. Don’t miss the upcoming tasting that is sure to sell out on August 31. RSVP ASAP and get an Uber!

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