Preserve The Woodlands PAC Announces Advisory Board Members

By: Preserve The Woodlands
| Published 08/27/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Preserve The Woodlands PAC today announced its advisory board, representing a diverse group of business owners, concerned parents, and community leaders, all of whom oppose the higher taxes and fees, lower quality of life, and bigger government that would result from incorporation.

Together, we are committed to ensuring every resident and business of The Woodlands is aware of the risks associated with incorporation, and the importance of preserving the qualities that make The Woodlands the best place to live, work, worship, and raise a family.

The members include:

• Kim & Brad Bailey, Business Professionals

• Mike Black, Business Professional

• Nelda Blair, Attorney

• Morgan Bourque, Attorney

• Jessica Brown, Business Professional

• Andy Dubois, Business Professional

• Ryan Edone, Business Owner

• Rep. Rob Eissler, Former State Representative

• Mary Lou Finch, Retired

• D. Foster, Business Professional

• Richard Franks, Retired

• TJ Fry, Business Professional

• Rob Gerasimowicz, Business Professional

• Roger Goertz, Retired

• Joel Noyes, Business Professional

• Kate Pierce-Cassala, Business Professional

• Judge Alan Sadler, Former County Judge

• Alexis Van De Ven, Realtor and Business Owner

• Kirsten York, Business Professional

The Woodlands is the only township in the State of Texas, making it a unique community designed to keep taxes low and government small. Misguided efforts to abandon the township model would permanently damage the successful formula that has made our hometown not only the best place to live in Texas, but also ranked the best place to live in the United States.

There is no threat or deadline that justifies making this rushed decision.

The Woodlands is protected from forced annexation by state law. Our community cannot be annexed without the consent of our citizens at the ballot box. Incorporation is not necessary to protect The Woodlands from annexation, forced annexation is illegal under state law.

More information is available at

Preserve The Woodlands?PAC is a non-partisan, fact-based resource for residents who believe The Woodlands is the best place to live, work, worship, and raise a family and that a rushed vote to permanently incorporate The Woodlands as a city would forever result in higher taxes and more government, irrevocably changing our community.

We believe The Woodlands is unlike any other community in Texas, built on a unique model of governance that has allowed us to thrive while keeping taxes low and government small. The negative results of incorporation would be profound, permanent, and unnecessary. Learn more here.

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