Baseball For Babies: Helping Save The littlest Ones in Our Community

By: Billy Adams
| Published 09/21/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX – When you read the mission statement of Baseball for Babies™ that says “Together, we can bring more babies home!” you get an idea of the great passion that drives their organization. Baseball for Babies™ is one of those truly incredible groups that have made a lifelong impact on not only premature babies, but parents alike. Angelica Sinisi Amaro, founder of  Baseball for Babies™, made a promise years ago to her niece, McKenzie to do her best to save as many premature babies (preemies) as possible. 

Together, we can bring more babies home!

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In 2008, McKenzie was born premature at 28 weeks. She was the first grand baby on Angelica’s side of the family. She fought for a total of 19 days before she passed. This was, obviously, the most traumatic event in the lives of the parents, grandparents and other family members that knew McKenzie. Angelica decided to help preemies in any way possible and from that moment on, she decided to concentrate her efforts to help save all preemies, and eventually ventured into building her own organization called Baseball for Babies™. Not only has Angelica kept her promise to McKenzie, but she has recruited countless others to take up her cause, as well. This has created more opportunities to fund research, purchase much needed medical equipment and financially help families of preemies. And unlike most charities, 100% of their donations go to the cause directly. It is an amazing organization. Baseball for Babies™ has no CEO's. This is a PEOPLE's charity. Their end goal is to have a National Baseball for Babies Day, celebrated through-out all 30 Major League Baseball Teams. That’s not to say it is a baseball-only charity. They have had help from many other partners, as well. They donate every dollar, 100% of the proceeds, to help the babies, their parents, medical equipment, and for research to eventually save 100% of the babies.

How Baseball for Babies™ help preemies and their families

Angelica said that there are several ways their organization helps premature babies and their families. First, their efforts help with funding research and technology. These efforts include finding new ways to detect and address issues with premature babies. Angelica gave us one example that through Baseball for Babies™ efforts, they were able to buy a $20,000 piece of medical equipment recently that helps doctors and surgeons detect previously undetectable irregularities in the hearts of babies in the womb. This technology is extremely new and not available everywhere. It is like an MRI on steroids. This is a device that combines the functions of an MRI and an ultrasound to help get a clearer picture of the baby’s heart. In addition to research and technology, Baseball for Babies™ understands that many families do not have the financial means to address the medical costs associated with a premature baby. To help these families in need, Baseball for Babies™ regularly creates fundraising opportunities to help ease these financial burdens. Baseball for Babies™ recently raised and donated $10,000 to a family to help offset their medical expenses. These are just a few examples of how Baseball for Babies™ helps save the lives of premature babies.

About Premature Babies

According to recent statistics, there are around 380,000 babies born prematurely each year in the United States. They estimate that about 1 in every 10 babies are born before 37 weeks. It is currently the number one cause of death for babies in the United States. Many of these babies that survive may also experience long term health issues including cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, chronic lung disease, blindness and hearing loss.

A Love and Connection With Baseball

As the name of the organization implies, their organization has is a close tie to baseball. Angelica was raised around a baseball family. Her brother not only played professionally, but her father also coached a little baseball. Many major league players started out under the direction of Angelica’s father, Vinny Sinisi. With a love of baseball and a desire to help families with preemies, Angelica and her father combined the two and started focusing on ways to promote their cause though college and Major League Baseball partnerships. From their ties to the Rice University Owls baseball team to the Astros, Baseball for Babies™ has partnered with various MLB organizations and college baseball groups for years, including the Washington Nationals, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Sugarland Skeeters.

Baseball for Babies™ Events

There are wonderful Baseball for Babies™ event opportunities that they have created over the years. These have included an annual baseball game at Rice University, Baseball for Babies™ nights at minor and major league venues. They have also had benefits to directly help families in need. On the 10th anniversary of the McKenzie’s passing, they created an event called MAC19 to honor her by holding a fundraiser for 19 days, from April 19 through May 8, the 19 says McKenzie survived. This year, they were blessed to have raise over $60,000. Excitingly, they are holding a Boots & Babies Gala on November 7th to raise even more funds to help babies. This is the first annual gala and their hope is to raise over $100,000.

The November 7th Boots & Babies Gala

Mark your calendars for the November 7th Boots & Babies Gala at Dosey Doe Big Barn. Through his association with the elder Sinisi, The Scooter Brown Band has agreed to highlight the event and everyone will have the opportunity to meet MLB players, Lance Berkman and Anthony Rendon, along with some surprise guests. There will also be a huge silent auction and live auction, too. Get your tickets today before they are gone. Scott Brown always sells out the Dosey Doe Big Barn venue. Let's have fun and help raise money to bring more babies home!

Click here to Purchase Tickets to the November 7th Cowboy Gala Featuring Scooter Brown at Dosey Doe, Benefiting Baseball For Babies

How to Give to Baseball for Babies™

Mail a check:
Write check to: Baseball for Babies
Mail to: Baseball for Babies
448 W. 19th St., #371
Houston, TX 77008

Donate via PayPal
1.  Visit their page here
2.  Select an amount and add your information!

***They use PayPal because it is the only platform that gives 100% of the donations to the charity.  They do not charge any fees.  They are also very promptl in distributing the donations to the charity.

Do you need a PayPal account? Yes
Can you use a credit card? Yes
Can you type in an amount that is not shown? Yes
Can you receive a receipt for tax purposes? Yes

Kroger Rewards Charity 

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3.  Scroll to the bottom to select 'enroll in Community Rewards'
4.  Add Baseball For Babies 
5.  You are all done (and only have to do it once)!

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