HS Football: Conroe Bags Another District Win

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 10/15/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -– Another week, another Thursday Night Football in the 13-6A district. The Conroe Tigers traveled to Woodforest this time to face the Grand Oaks Grizzlies on their home turf. The Grizzlies are going to have to stop the Tiger’s momentum from their last week win against Oak Ridge; their first win against them in 8 seasons. On top of the win, Conroe was also the favorite to win with a 1-0 record against the Grizzlies 0-1.

The first half was a lot closer than expected as Grand Oaks came out fighting for yardage and Conroe having no answer at first. Unfortunately for the Grizzlies, the Tigers quickly learned their patterns and started to stop their forward progress. They shut down the Grizzlies’ run and defended the sidelines in hopes of stopping their running backs from breaking away and scoring.

Conroe’s defense worked as they held Grand Oaks to just 14 points in the first half as they scored 24. Both teams seemed sloppy and many passes were dropped that were right in their gloves, but this can be chalked up to great defense too. Conroe stopped many long passes and forced fumbles for turnovers in their favor. The Conroe Tigers put up 24 points to the Grand Oaks Grizzlies 11 by halftime.

“We really don’t believe in momentum, we just believe in habits,” said head coach Hardeman of the Conroe Tigers. He continued, “One day doesn’t equate the next day, your habits do.”

The second half is where everything turned up on offense. Conroe scored quickly but grand oaks responded with a huge runback touchdown to make it a 10-point game. And the points just came flowing in, with huge plays on either side of the ball. Grand Oaks tossed a couple up in the corner of the endzone and Conroe responded with a huge 60 plus yard touchdown from Jase Williams.

In the fourth quarter the momentum shifted towards Conroe as they put pressure on the Grand Oaks’ quarterback and forced a hand full of sacks and incomplete passes. Once again Grand Oaks overcame the pressure and scored late in the 4th to make it a one touchdown game. The game kept moving in favor of Grand Oaks as they completed an onside kick to give them great field advantage so that they could try to score and take the lead. But their luck ran out as they fumbled the ball with help from Conroe’s repeated pressure. That was the end point of the game as Conroe ran the clock down. Although Grand Oaks received another chance to score it was short lived once again due to the intensity of Conroe’s defense. Final score, Conroe 41, Grand Oaks 35.

“We have a saying that we are built different, and I think the kids are really buying into understanding that,” said Coach Hardeman about his Conroe Tigers

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