HS Basketball: Beast Up Invitational hosted by Grand Oaks - Day 2

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 12/04/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Day 2 of the Beast Up Invitational at the Grand Oaks High School Campus kicked off early in the morning with games being played all day. The facilities at Grand Oaks are more than accommodating to the players and volunteers helping with the tournament. With an unfortunate loss on day 1, Grand Oaks goes into the silver bracket championship alongside Klein Collins. This final game will be played on day 3 of the Invitational at the High School.

The Grand Oaks Grizzlies played the Galena Park Yellow Jackets in their first game of day 2. As they warmed up, they didn’t seem like a varsity team due to their small statures but the Yellow Jackets soon proved themselves. In the first quarter they played hard and made it difficult for Grand Oaks to make plays. Underestimating the Yellow Jackets, the Grizzlies had to turn up and make better decisions to get points on the board. The second quarter is where Grand Oaks turned up and found the rhythm separating themselves from Galena Park and giving them a bigger lead. By halftime Grand Oaks held a strong lead 38-18.

The second half is where Grand Oaks separated themselves from Galena Park. Although the Yellow Jackets played a hard game and drove to the basket without hesitation, it was short lived due to the size and defense of the Grizzlies. In the 3rd quarter, Grand Oaks put up another 12 points while Galena Park put up 13. The 4th is where Grand Oaks shined, not only in offense but in defense as well. They were able to stop the drive and shut down the shot keeping the Yellow Jackets to only 3 points. Grand Oaks gets their 3rd win of the tournament and posting up an impressive win of 65-34.

Box Scores – Games 1-4
Gym 1
Klein Collins – 67, MacArthur – 49
Klein Cain – 41, Bryan - 46
Cleveland – 57, Waltrip – 46
Grand Oaks – 65, Galena Park - 34

Gym 2
Grand Oaks JV – 23, Kingwood Park – 57
Aldine Davis – 46, Waller – 40
Sam Houston - 27, Klein Oak – 55
Tomball Memorial – 58, Montgomery – 38

Grand Oaks once again entered the court but this time a little earlier than yesterday, to face Montgomery in the in the silver bracket semi-finals. Montgomery has been strong this tournament but teams in their second game seem to be more gassed which makes for a more strategic game rather than bruit force. This was the case for the beginning half as Grand Oaks tried to snap out of the long day, Montgomery went off in the first quarter taking the lead going into the second quarter. But then Grand Oaks woke up and took the lead from Montgomery although making small mistakes, they were able to get to the basket and put-up points. Going into the second half Grand Oaks lead Montgomery 24-18.

The second half was a disappointment, not due to the playing but due to the officiating. Some of the calls were not even close and may traveling calls went past the officials multiple times. It seemed like they wanted to get the game over with which effected the overall momentum. Although Grand Oaks was playing Montgomery, they were also playing the officials too. In this case Grand Oaks seemed to shut down to try to find a different strategy which gave Montgomery the advantage as they start to make a comeback. In the final quarter, Montgomery was aggressive making Grand Oaks work for their points. In the final minutes of the game, the teams were going point for point but a foul with 30 seconds to go changed the outcome. This gave Grand Oaks the advantage which Montgomery couldn’t recover from. This nail biter game ended with a Grand Oaks victory and a final score of 51-46.

Box Scores – Semi-Finals
Gym 1
Silver Bracket Semi-Final #1 - Klein Cain – 48, Klein Collins – 62
Silver Bracket Semi-Final #2 - Grand Oaks – 51, Montgomery – 46
Gold Bracket Semi-Final #1 - Bryan – 42, Kingwood Park – 28
Gold Bracket Semi-Final #2 - Klein Oak – 34, Tomball Memorial - 52

Gym 2
Consolidated Bracket Semi-Final #1 – Waltrip – 48, Grand Oaks JV - 57
Consolidated Bracket Semi-Final #2 – Sam Houston – 43, Waller - 57
Bronze Bracket Semi-Final #1 – Cleveland – 48, MacArthur - 39
Bronze Bracket Semi-Final #2 – Galena Park – 38, Aldine Davis - 65

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