HS Basketball: Grand Oaks Reaches Peak Performance Taking Win From The Woodlands

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 12/21/2021


THE WOODLANDS – Christmas is about to come early as the last game takes place right before the break. Grand Oaks faces off against The Woodlands who has always been a dominate force in the 13-6A district. Grand Oaks being a new school, is trying to establish a name for themselves and prove they can roll with the powerhouses. “When you star off building a new school in CISD, you look at The Woodlands,” said head coach for the Grizzlies, Mike Day. He continued by saying, “Them [The Woodlands] and College Park both have set the bar for boys basketball in this area for a long time.”

As the game began The Grand Oaks Grizzlies slammed on the gas pedal and didn’t let off until it was over. The Woodlands Highlanders came into the game knowing Grand Oaks is someone to not take lightly and from the beginning seconds it rang true. Along with their aggressive defense the Grizzlies have weapons that are extremely accurate from the 3-point line. Sean Stewart (#12 GOHS) unleashed his accuracy at the start of the game and drained two 3-point shots to start off the Grand Oaks dominance. Overwhelmed, The Woodlands had no answer to the aggression and pressure put on the inbound. Grand Oaks was able to keep The Woodlands to single digits going into the second quarter with a 17-8 performance.

The second quarter was a copy paste of the first, as Grand Oaks kept pressure on the shooter by overwhelming them in a 1v1 defense as well as a zone defense. Not only did The Woodlands struggle with their shots on goal, they also struggled to get the rebound from missed opportunities. Along with this, the Grizzlies stopped the Highlander attack and closed down many passing lanes forcing turnovers and bad shot attempts. With 5 minutes left The Woodlands found themselves down by 11 and Grand Oaks was not letting up. They crushed the boards and forced the fouls on The Woodlands giving them “free shots” and a chance to keep the lead. By the last seconds Grand Oaks was up but once again Sean Stewart (#12 GOHS) tossed one up from way downtown and hit a halftime buzzer beater making the score 32-22.

The Highlanders had to come out in the second half equally as aggressive as Grand Oaks or they would have a difficult time coming back from a large deficit. Shay Eberwein (#2 TWHS) was struggling in the first half but pressed the defense and drained some baskets, once again going off like he did last game against Oak Ridge. He was the leading scorer for The Woodlands with a huge 29 points by the end of the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as Grand Oaks had 3 players in double digits by the 4th quarter. Along with Sean, Jordan Reece (#3 GOHS) and Ian Bayombo (#24 GOHS) both posted up 14 points securing a dominate lead thought the game. Down as much as 11 and getting as close as 4 points, The Woodlands wasn’t able to close the gap and fell to Grand Oaks 64-55. They are set to meet 2 more times later in the season.

College Park (2-0) – 67 def. Conroe (0-2) – 52

Oak Ridge (1-1) – 63 def. Willis (0-2) – 61

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