HS Basketball: Grand Oaks Falls to College Park in Second Round

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 01/31/2022


THE WOODLANDS -- For the second time this season, Grand Oaks has faced the number 1 seed College Park. This time was in the Cavalier’s home with the Cavalier Crazies, the student section of College Park. Grand Oaks and The Woodlands at the time of this game, were tied for second place in the district with just a few games left. Each team is fighting for a playoff spot in hopes to make a huge run to a state title.

Throughout this season College Park has dominated in the first half overwhelming their opponents with their stamina and consistency. Coming close towards the end of the season this seemed to only increase with the Cavaliers as they grow more confident in each team members abilities. With Grand Oaks and their second match up, the Cavaliers came out as they have been this season and immediately pressures the Grizzlies offense. This not only shuts down the ability of Grand Oaks to shoot the ball but it also psychologically makes them question every play in order to make a basket. By the first half College Park had racked up a number of 3 pointers and had a 14-point lead.

Going into the second half, Darel Reece (#4) and Ty Buckman (#11) weren’t the top scorers but instead it was Martez James (#20), the small forward for the Cavaliers. He powered in a massive 11-points in the first quarter giving College Park a huge lead. Grand Oaks struggled to answer back as their 3rd quarter only managed to accumulate five total points. College Park was able to command the Grizzlies top shooters and absolutely close down the driving lanes.

Unfortunately for Grand Oaks, Coach McNeely is able to adapt to many situations and in this case, it was to disrupt the massive point makers of Grand Oaks and put individual pressure on each player. This shut down passing lanes and overwhelmed the offense. As the ball was in the Cavalier’s hands, they aggressively attached the basket in order to draw a foul or get the bucket. This worked in the Cavaliers favor as they racked up another 16 points giving them the victory over Grand Oaks. The final score for their second match up was 70-40. Grand Oaks will meet College Park for a final time at home for the last games of the season.

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