By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 05/02/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – In the “well, THAT was a surprise” category, many Woodlanders got to experience the gut-churning sound of hail pounding on their roofs and cars yesterday seemingly from out of nowhere. While additional ‘hard rain’ seems to be off the table for the foreseeable future, this week’s weather will seem to not be able to make up its mind on a daily basis.

Every other day will alternate between rains and sun

Already today the cloud cover is decreasing and will continue to do so until around sundown, when the trend will reverse and the clouds will come back. Our partly cloudy skies will reach a high of 88 and meander down into the lower 70s for a low tonight.

Overnight, the increasingly cloudy skies will bring some isolated thunderstorms with them as the high hits 90. As the day progresses so will the chances of storms and lessening cloud cover. However, once most of us are getting ready for bed later that night, the clouds will once again make an encore appearance until Wednesday morning right around the time most offices are opening, at which point the trend will once again flip-flop and the clouds will go away. Much like Monday, temps will hit close to 90 under partly cloudy skies.

Overnight Wednesday the partly cloudy skies will get a lot more cloudier and bring more thunderstorms with them into Thursday. All day long will see lots of clouds and scattered thunderstorms – nothing too severe to warrant flood rescue services but enough to make hair frizz and clothes feel soggy, a particularly uncomfortable feeling as highs reach 89.

The rains will hit their peak right as Thursday morphs into Friday, so maybe you can take solace peacefully sleeping through thunder and lightning. However, by the time most of us are stirring for a TGIF workday, the chances of significant cloud cover and rain will both shrink to near nil. Partly cloudy skies and a high of 92 will prepare us for what’s shaping up to be a hot-but-pleasant weekend.

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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