Woodlands Weekend Weather – There’s a storm a-comin’...

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 05/20/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – We may have enjoyed the rainless weather all week – maybe not so much the energy bills that come with the hot weather – but Mother Nature is about to drop the temperatures – and a lot of rain – this weekend.

Nice weather on Friday gives way to weekend thunderstorms

The clouds that blanketed the area last night have shuffled away for a bit, and we’ll experience mostly sunny skies today with a high of 94 this afternoon, eased a bit by some winds reaching 16 mph. However, as the sun sets and we shrug off the work week, the clouds will come back with a vengeance as the winds die down and the low temperature stays a muggy 77 degrees.

Saturday seems like it won’t be able to make up its mind; an extremely cloudy morning will make way for some sun in the afternoon for a bit as the high hits 95. The winds will kick up around lunchtime but then plummet later that afternoon, right around the time that the “feels like” temperature/humidity combo will make it feel like 102 degrees and the returning clouds blanket the area.

Overnight Saturday into Sunday, the rains will start forming as the thunderstorms move in. Sunday will see an entire day of thunderstorms and cloud cover with low winds ensuring that they stick around for a while. The good news for our lawns is complemented with a high temp of only 83, with a slight possibility that the low that night will get back into the 60s.

Don’t expect any relief from the rain as Monday morning dawns, either…

Stay tuned for weather updates from Woodlands Online, and be sure to check us out on Monday for our “Week Ahead” forecast.

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