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| Published 09/12/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Thus far, the transition from summer towards autumn seems to be pretty seamless, with no real catastrophes, weather wise. This week carries the tradition.

A bright week with maybe some cloudier weekend weather

Your Monday will wrap up with some cooler temps and partly cloudy skies – by the time you read this we’ll already be on the far side of today’s high – settling down for a downright chilly low of 67. The cloud cover will die out overnight, as will the winds.

Tuesday will see a practical repeat of today, with mostly sunny skies bringing us up to the low 90s for a high and the mid 60s for the low. The spike in clouds in the early afternoon will be brief, and once again you can enjoy a nighttime snooze without the air conditioner running all night.

On Wednesday, the clouds will head south for warmer climes, and the sky will be pure blue except for that blazing yellow ball. Curiously, the lack of clouds will make the temps about a degree lower than the day before, helped by a significant uptick in afternoon winds, but a cool and calm overnight once again down in the 60s.

Thursday will see the clouds creep back in a bit but not enough to raise the temps any. In fact, this should be a perfect-weather day, whether you plan to hang indoors or out. Overnight, however, the increasing cloud coverage and the growing chance of rain will keep our nighttime low in the upper 60s.

On Friday, there might be some scattered thunderstorms, peaking shortly after lunchtime but pretty much being gone by nightfall. The mugginess will work to keep the overnight temps in the 70s for the first time in several days.

As the weekend nears, the clouds may make a reappearance, but it’s looking like the chances of rain are going down, so that’s the good news…

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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