HS Football: The Woodlands Continue Their Winning Streak

By: Julia Marie Apuda
| Published 10/22/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Following the Red and Green Parade, The Woodlands High School competed against Caney Creek as their Homecoming game. Sweeping the field with a final result of 63-0, The Woodlands took home the win. Starting strong, the first quarter ended with 28-0, followed by 49-0, 55-0, and finished the night with 63 points. Woodlands Online talked to Coach Rapp, and asked about the game and his reflections on this past season.

Now placing second in districts, the team has seen a drastic change from where it had once begun. On a streak of winning the last four games in a row, growth had been found amongst the football team, following their loss to New Caney. Speaking of tonight's events, “We did well on both sides of the ball this game, in actuality it was the game's execution that got us through,” said Rapp.

“I think our past losses early on lead us to refocus. The whole point of what we must do as a football team is to continue improving. You can't expect to play well in week two and have that be the thing to get you playing in the playoffs. They’ve done a great job in continuing to work hard and get better,” stated Rapp.

“The football players know what to do on the field. What they have to do is their job, it’s not about any other business - it's about doing your job,” Rapp mentioned. “Adversity happens; your character comes out when you have adversity. Our kids, we try to do things during the off-season to prepare them, and I think they do great at handling things.”

Ending tonight, The Woodlands succeeded in pulling through and maintaining their Homecoming festivities with much success. With only a few more games till playoffs, this was the one last round of a home court advantage. As The Woodlands plans on progressing, make sure to stay tuned with WoodlandsOnline for more coverage.

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