OPINION: Township Board Director Dr. Ann Snyder calls for The Woodlands to strengthen relationships with local organizations

By: Bruce Tough
| Published 10/27/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Local community leader and everyone's favorite Township Board Director Dr. Ann Snyder recently wrote a great article calling for The Woodlands to strengthen its relationships with public safety agencies and local government and community stakeholders.

Our Township’s relationships with these organizations are paramount to The Woodlands' safety and prosperity. Our premier non-city city has long benefited from outstanding relationships with these groups and leveraged them for the benefit of our community.

Unfortunately, it is my understanding that over recent years these working relationships have been strained due to uneasy personal relationships between these organizations and some of our Township Board Directors and the uncertainty and wasted time caused by the whole incorporation boondoggle. This is one of many reasons why I am supporting candidates Brad Bailey, Linda Nelson, Richard Franks, and Kyle Watson in our Township Board of Directors elections this year instead of the Incorporation Squad incumbents and their followers.

You can read Dr. Snyder’s article by clicking the link below

“Strengthening Our Relationships & Culture of Respect”

Yours Truly,
Bruce Tough
Former Chairman, The Woodlands Township Board

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