The Woodlands Academy of Science and Technology raises $4,000 for Ukraine

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 11/16/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – A fun run fundraiser for Ukraine was held at The Woodlands College Park High School track recently. The event was initiated and organized by two students, Sasha Harvey and Laura Bauer, and sponsored by the College Park Academy of Science and Technology Student Union with the great help from AST Headmaster, Dr. Susan Caffery, and teachers Joseph Ewbank and Yevheniya Bauer.

Students participate in fun run for a cause

Both Sasha and Laura are of Ukrainian descent. They rallied behind Ukraine when it was first attacked in February of this year by Vladimir Putin’s military forces in Russia. The girls felt that, after a few short months, media and public attention to this invasion had faded. In their opinion, the urgency of helping Ukraine to win this war is even more prominent now in light of other global issues. As members of a young generation, they felt that they had to raise their voice against injustice and rally their friends, families, and classmates around the worthy cause.

Thus was born their idea for the fundraising fun run. It became a community event with local vendors serving Ukrainian food and selling Ukrainian merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds from sales being donated to the Ukrainian cause. Funds collected from the run itself will go toward buying portable generators for displaced Ukrainians.

The turnout for the event was impressive, with a total of thirteen teams that ran 409 laps equalling 102.25 miles. The event raised more than $4,000 for RazomforUkraine. Most importantly, the fundraiser brought many people together as human beings, getting to know other members of our community a little better and being proud to support the basic human rights of others.

Several students were vocal in their support for Ukraine and their dedication to bettering the situation.

“I was born in the USA but my mother is Ukrainian; my mom is very important to me. I felt that war in Ukraine was very unjust. I wanted Ukraine and Ukrainian people to know that we support them. After the novelty of the war wore down, I wanted to make sure that we keep Ukraine and their fight for freedom and democracy alive and current. Ukraine needs all the help they need to win for their people and for the world,” said Sasha H.

“I think it’s vital in hard times for people to come together, which I think the fundraiser really helped establish. It helped me learn more about what is going on in Ukraine and why it’s important to people beyond its borders, including why we should be making active efforts to help the Ukrainian people,” said Diana D.

“Obviously I think that the invasion and subsequent war in Ukraine is an atrocity and I wanted a way to help. There aren’t many resources in my area that allow me to get involved, so when I saw that there was an event organized at my school, by a student with a personal connection that I know cares deeply about the issue and would ensure the proceeds are used in the most effective way possible, I had to jump on it. Plus this provided me a chance to be exposed to a bit of Ukrainian food and culture, so in my mind it’s nothing but a win,” said Justin D.

“I went to the fundraiser to support the people of Ukraine in their time of need. I believe that if we have the power to do so, it’s our responsibility to support the endangered lives of families and innocents as much as we can,” said David U.

“I came to the Ukraine fundraiser to support a country in need. There’s not much I can do as an individual, but as a group we can accomplish so much more. I was ecstatic and proud to be part of such a righteous movement,” said Zaina S.

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