37th Special Olympics Hosted by The Woodlands Kiwanis Club

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 03/25/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Hundreds gathered at The Woodlands High School for the 37th Special Olympics Track and Field Day hosted by The Woodlands Kiwanis Club. With over 250 athletes and 400 volunteers, the games began in the early morning with wheelchair races and boys and mens events.

In attendance was Dr. Ann Snyder, Chairman of the Woodlands Township board of directors, as well as Kevin Brady, former congressman, and honorary chairman of the Kiwanis club.

Kathleen Buckman, club president, said, “The Woodlands Kiwanis Club is all about promoting and helping children grow, develop, and prosper. And really our goal is to do that one child at a time.” She continued, “So one child at a time, community at a time and then on a broader scope, in the world.”

The Kiwanis Club looks to continue their tradition of hosting the Special Olympics in The Woodlands for years to come.

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