HS Football: 7th Annual War Zone Lineman Challenge

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 06/09/2023


WILLIS, TX -- Coach Brian Fitzgerald with the Willis Wildkats hosted the 7th Annual War Zone Lineman Challenge on Friday night at Willis high School. Big Bodies from around the area came to compete in strength and conditioning events to see who would take home first place.

Events featured were the Worm Carry, tire flip, bench press, power drive, medicine ball throw, obstacle course, kettle bell stack relay, farmers walk, and ended with a tug-of-war. These events are hard on their own but with temps reaching near triple digits, these athletes were pushed to their limits.

This challenge is the official Houston qualifier for the Hardin Simmons State Lineman Challenge later in the month. This can also mean one thing; the 2023 football season is right around the corner. These athletes can only get better from this point and the quality of talent at this event was stacked.

Willis, College Park, Oak Ridge, Grand Oaks, and Caney Creek were among the teams competing at the challenge.

1st – Willis – 20 pts
2nd – El Campo – 74 pts
3rd - Montgomery – 75 pts
3rd – Oak Ridge – 75 pts

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