HS Football: Cavaliers Take Opportunities During Scrimmage To Look For Changes Ahead Of The Season

By: Jake Wilson
| Published 08/18/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- With the start of the football season just a week away the College Park High School Cavaliers took on the Montgomery High School Bears in a scrimmage at Woodforest Bank Stadium on Friday.

The Cavaliers used their opportunities on the offensive side of the ball to get experience for as many players as possible. This provided both a look at the talent that the Cavs will rely upon as well as the depth that will carry them in emergencies.

College Park Cavaliers Head Coach Kyle Coats spoke on the importance of offensive depth and the application of lessons taught through practice.

“I thought they did a lot of good things,” said Coats. “One of the things we constantly preach to those guys is catch and get vertical. It was really good to see them take that to heart and apply that today.”

Despite all of the offensive rotations that the Cavaliers used throughout the scrimmage, the offense fired on all cylinders with the offensive line units getting a steady push throughout the time spent on the field.

“We told them it was going to be a competition all the way to game one,” said Coats. “There will be some good stuff to see on tape to see who really answered the call.”

Not to be outdone, the Cavalier defense kept the Bears in front of them the entire time. Both first and second defensive units took control of possessions due to high-energy players making high-energy plays

“The philosophy on defense is not hard,” said Coats. “Know your job then go run and hit somebody. It was good to see them answer the bell in a couple of those situations.”

Both teams will use the week afforded to them between this scrimmage and the start of the season next week to iron out issues they saw during play. College Park struggled during the mock quarter with two turnovers on back-to-back possessions.

“It comes down to base football,” said Coats. “You have to be able to block, tackle, and control the ball and there a few times where we did not do those things well.”

With only four practices remaining before taking on the Cinco Ranch High School Cougars, Coach Coats and the rest of the Cavaliers staff will look to make the needed changes fast.

“We have got all kinds of things that we can do with the kids,” said Coats. “We have a multitude of teaching tools, we just need to use them.”

The Cavaliers open the 2023-2024 football season on the road against Cinco Ranch on Friday the 25th with the opening kickoff set for 7:00 p.m. Coverage of the season opener can be found through the The Woodlands Online Sports’ presentation of the College Park Sports Network.

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