WOODLANDS WEATHER THIS WEEK – October 2 - 6, 2023 – Grab a – we’re not joking – jacket

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 10/02/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Though we’re fully into fall, the warm weather has still been holding on longer than is decent. That being said, we’re definitely in for some changes this week.

Sun, storms, and seventies…

Today’s mostly sunny skies will keep things in the mid 90s, but plummeting humidity will mean that things will cool down significantly in the afternoon and evening, with nothing added to the heat index. As the evening hours progress, however, the clouds will move in, but not enough overnight to warm up our low of 70.

On Tuesday, however, the air will sing a different tune. Though things will start off warm and bright, grey clouds will come into view and stick around, and our high of 91 will quickly turn around as we get a spate of afternoon thunderstorms. The clouds and rains will stay all night and into Wednesday, keeping our lows in the mid 70s for both nights.

Wednesday’s high will be a couple of degrees cooler – around 89 – and winds will keep things cool as they whip raindrops into your face. All that day and overnight there will be scattered thunderstorms.

Thursday will spend itself almost completely covered by clouds, and the rains will continue to hit various neighborhoods throughout The Woodlands. A steadily rising pressure system, however, will start to work its magic on a couple of fronts. First off, it will make Friday a lot drier but still cloudy, with a high in the mid to upper 80s; second, it will bring in a lot cooler weather, and you might be surprised to hear that heading into the weekend we may only hit the 70s for a high…

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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