HS Football Playoffs: The Woodlands Wins a Thriller in Round Two Against Klein Collins

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 11/17/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Woodlands hosted Klein Collins in the second round of playoffs at Woodforest Bank Stadium for a Friday Night Lights thriller. Klein Collins knocked out Cy Ranch in a huge 55-20 win while The Woodlands took out Spring in the first round with a 35-0 shutout.

The intense match would come down to the final play of the game where The Woodlands blocked a crucial game ending field goal essentially winning the game 28-27.

How it happened.

Klein Collins would come out swinging in the first quarter with a quick touchdown to rattle The Woodlands defense although they would end up missing the extra point.

The Woodlands offense would get stopped but their defense would come in clutch forcing a fumble on the one-yard line. This would give the Highlanders a touchdown and the 7-6 lead with less than three minutes left in the first quarter.

Before the half, Klein Collins would find the endzone once again but The Woodlands would keep it close with a field goal from Starzyk. Going into the half The Woodlands would trail 13-10.

In the second half, Starzyk’s foot would once again give The Woodlands points on the board with a field goal to tie up the game.

The quick back and forward third quarter would come to an end with the Highlanders trailing once again 20-13.

With just over eight minutes left in the game, Mattauer would keep the ball and run it in to tie up the game 20-20. But Klein Collins would come back on their next drive to take the lead back.

The game would heat up as the time counted down. The Woodlands would find themselves in the red zone and take advantage with a rushing touchdown by Farrakhan with just over a minute left in the game.

A tense time out before the extra point gave The Woodlands a couple of seconds to decide to go for the two-point conversion. Farrakhan would take the direct snap and run it in to give The Woodlands a one-point lead.

Klein Collins would march down the field with a couple of seconds left in the game, but The Woodlands would put up a brick wall to stop them from crossing the 30-yard line. It came down to a final attempt from Klein Collins to win the game with a field goal.

With only four seconds left, Klein Collins would line up and attempt a 47-yard game winning field goal. But The Woodlands would perfectly time the snap and block the field goal attempt to end the game 28-27.

The Woodlands would knock out Klein Collins by one point to move on to the third round of the playoffs.

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