Memorial Day Edition: Woodlands Weekend Weather & Events – May 24 - 27, 2024 – Four memorable days

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 05/24/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – School’s officially out, we’re officially less than a month away from the start of summer, and our Memorial Day weekend weather is officially traveler friendly. As we remember those who fell in battle as the reason for the holiday, the weather will make for some wonderful, life-affirming memories and activities.

It will be utterly hot and humid today, with a dry high of 94 but a late afternoon heat index that will feel like 105 degrees. Some 10 mph winds out of the south will help somewhat, but you’ll definitely need to dress and prepare for the heat accordingly. The skies will get steadily clearer as the mercury struggles to get an overnight low down into the mid 70s. To match the perfect indoor / outdoor weather, hit Sawyer Park Icehouse tonight to catch Top 40 rock band Fal Skye on the stage. There might – might – be a small chance of overnight rain, but at worst all it would do is add to the humidity.

On Saturday, the early morning will start off cloudy, but will get clearer by the hour and we’ll spend the day under mostly sunny skies as the high temperature once again gets up to the mid 90s with an extra ten degrees thrown into the heat index. The winds won’t return until the mid-afternoon hours, almost too little too late to help from the heat. Even the overnight low will be 77, higher than most people like to keep their interior house thermostat at. Take the opportunity to hit The Woodlands Farmers Market at Grogan’s Mill for the latest and greatest in local goods.

The only difference between Saturday and Sunday is that the latter day will have more clouds in the sky for the first half of the day. Other than that, bright and breezy is the name of the game for travelers, visitors, and residents alike. This is perfect weather to throw on some sunscreen and hit the celebrations at Town Green Park that will culminate in a fireworks display without equal.

Memorial Day Monday will be bright and cheery to counterpoint any memories of lost ones in families for which we commemorate the day. The high will get up to 98 – and in mid-afternoon the heat index will get up to a blistering 110 degrees – and unfortunately the winds will have gone away by then, so any coolness would have to come from either spritzing yourself with a water bottle or going indoors. If you want to take the day to remember those fallen loved ones, Forest Park The Woodlands will hold its 16th annual Memorial Day Tribute Service. The skies will be half-cloudy, with tiny chances of sprinkles, but amazingly as the day goes on, the pressure will rise and the weather will slowly but surely take a turn for the cooler and greyer.

As we all return on Tuesday to the grind, we can expect a cooling trend back into the 80s, and a lot more precipitation to water our lawns for us…

Stay tuned for weather updates from Woodlands Online, and be sure to check us out on Monday for our “Week Ahead” forecast.

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