Mokume Gane, Hematite and Onyx Beads Bushido Virtue Bracelet

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Men's 8mm Mokume Gane, Hematite and Onyx Beads Bushido Virtue Bracelet.
All Bushido bracelets come with a premium gift box.

Individual replenishment bracelets from the Bushido line are exclusively available to Authorized INOX retailers who are currently stocking the complete Bushido in-store program.

RONIN: SELF-CONTROL -Ronin is a masterless Samurai. Without a chief to follow, the Samurai must practice self-control, adhering to an absolute moral standard. What is irrefutably right is right.


Onyx: Self-Control
Hematite: Stability
Bushido code - or Way of the Warrior - is a traditional Japanese moral and ethical code followed by samurai warriors. It emphasizes values such as loyalty, honor, self-discipline, and courage, guiding samurai in their conduct on and off the battlefield. These virtues remain relevant today as they promote qualities like integrity, resilience, and ethical behavior, which are essential for individuals to navigate complex and challenging situations in modern society, fostering personal growth and contributing to a more just and harmonious world.

To Honor the code, we've created a bracelet of genuine Stone bead Bracelets for each virtue, with each stone associated abilities harmonizing with the Virtue it represents, to help you honor virtue, and Release your inner warrior, All the genuine stones have been shaped as hexagons, a symbol of longevity as it is the same shape found on tortoise shells, 2 Edo period coins are worked within the design as charms of good luck and prosperity.

Finally the bears in the center are fabricated with Mokume Gane, a nod to the ancient technique used to Forge Katanas, the famed Swords of the Honorable Samurai Warriors.Honor the code, find your virtue, unleash the warrior within

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