Meteorite Inlay Dog Tag Pendant with Black IP Box Chain

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Men's Stainless Steel Meteorite Inlay Dog Tag Pendant with Black IP Box Chains. Pendant: 19mm (W) x 35.03mm (H) x 5.72mm (THK)
Meteorite: A metallic and lustrous stone with a black or dark-colored surface exhibiting distinctive patterns or markings found in various parts of the world that enhances spiritual growth, transformation, and connection to the universe.
Crafted using certified fragments of the Muonionalusta Iron Meteorite, which came from the core of Asteroid that landed in Scandinavia over 120,000 years ago. Rocking a piece of space history has never been so easy. The Asteroid itself predates our own Planet

Also, with the larger surface area in each piece, it is easier to recognize the naturally occurring distinctive crisscross markings of an authentic Widmastatten pattern, unique only to Meteorites.

Complemented by Black matte finished heavy duty Steel these pendants and the definition of a conversation piece, for men's jewelry.

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