Ratings of St. Luke’s Health - The Woodlands Hospital

St. Luke’s Hospital
This is a condemnation of St. Luke’s Hospital. They may have talented physicians, but the “caring” part that goes with taking care of patients is sorely lacking.My husband was admitted to the hospital for a heart attack. I was not allowed to be by his side. I needed to give him his medicine, and advanced directives for the hospital. I was not allowed again. In my 45 minute wait for someone to pick up those pills and papers I counted no less than 60 people coming in for Dr.s appointments, deliveries, and other “visits”. I know Methodist Hospital will let spouse be there to support their loved one (just can’t leave the room), but “Hide behind Covid 19 St. Luke’s” will not. I had heard their customer service is lacking...THAT is an understatement! And....not one person from that hospital has called to give me an update on my husband. There are clearly no patient advocates there.