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October 27, 2023
Stephanie and Felisha talk about juggling live as a mom and parent, between, work, school, kids and everything else.
Women to the Wise - 007 - Juggling
November 18, 2023
Stephanie and Felisha talk about the giving season, Christmas. The good, the bad, the stress and the how this wondrous season. Be aware there might be spoilers.
Women to the Wise - 008 - Tis The Season
November 18, 2023
In stressful time or in almost any time it's good to think of ways to take care of yourself. Join Stephanie and Felisha as they talk about different ways to do this and to think about it.
Women to the Wise - 009 - Self Care
December 09, 2023
Have you thought of giving your kids cell phone? Do they already have one? On this epidote we go over the ins and outs of it and how different parents go about it and why.
Women to The Wise - 011 - Cell Phones
December 16, 2023
Stephanie and Felisha kick off a 3 part series on New Year's resolutions.
Women to the Wise - New Years Resolutions Part 1
December 01, 2023
The ladies explore gift giving as the 'heart of the holidays' and giving back in general.
Women to the Wise - The Heart of The Holidays