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What are the Classifieds Policies?
Woodlands Online Classifieds Policies
Woodlands Online provides Classifieds as a community service for area residents to buy, sell, or trade personal and household items online. Classifieds is our way of helping the community recycle.

Classifieds is a service we provide without charge to people who live or work in The Woodlands area only.

Classifieds is NOT to be used to commercially sell products or services. Woodlands Online offers a wide assortment of online marketing and advertising opportunities - especially for small and home-based businesses with low budgets. Visit our media kit for more information.

Woodlands Online solely reserves the right to edit, accept, or reject any information or item submitted. Woodlands Online also does not take responsibility for the condition of the products sold on the site; they are misrepresented by the seller it is the seller's responsibility. Be sure to check out a product and find out more information before purchasing. For more information regarding the use of this site please read our Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We strive to provide a place where all sellers can enjoy an equal opportunity at reaching buyers.

These are the rules and policies for using our Community Classifieds.

    »Ad titles with "a" adjectives will not be allowed. Examples: Absolutely awesome furniture. This is to allow all users the same opportunity to be seen. Please just list your item name.

    » Posting ads on Woodlands Online Classifieds are for the benefit and enjoyment of people that live or work in The Woodlands area.

    » No Shouting. All ad subject/titles will appear in mixed case. The first letter of each word will be capitalized, and only the first word.

    » No playing with sorts. Numbers, letters, asterisks and any other symbols are not permitted in the subject/titles.

    »Airsoft guns, paintball guns and BB guns may be sold on Woodlands Online, but must have a disclaimer in the ad that it will only be sold to those 18 and older. 

    » Food & drink items will not be permitted to be sold in the Classifieds section due to health concerns. 

    » 'For sale' will not appear in titles of ads.

    » You may not post for those who do not live or work in The Woodlands. We work hard to provide only items that are actually located in our community for easy buying and selling.

    » The price of your item will only appear within the ad description.

    »Only one type of Homemade item, (i.e., different colored hats, scarves, etc.) is permitted in the Homemade Goods category.

    »Donation requests are not permitted

    » Weapons (guns, large knives, etc.) will not be permitted.

    »Words beginning with the letter ‘A’ are not permitted more than three times per member.

    »Individuals posting in Classifieds are required to be at least 16 years of age; please have a parent or guardian submit the ad on your behalf if you do not meet the age requirement.

    » The category you select must match the item being sold, or the ad may be deleted.

    » Adoption fee must be disclosed in the description to ensure it does not exceed the $200 limit. If the adoption fee is not provided, the listing will be made inactive until an administrator can confirm the amount of the adoption fee.

    »Breeders, litters of puppies for sale or stud service requests are not permitted.

    » Classified ads are permitted to be in two sub-categories and must be related to the item.

    »Posting items for friends or family who live out of Woodlands Online’s service area is prohibited and can result in removal of the ad or removal of self-publishing privileges. Special permission to post on behalf of someone else may be provided upon request. Contact Classifieds Administrators for more information. Please be reminded this is provided at the sole discretion of the Classified administrator.

    »Graphics are not permitted in the ad description area. Please contact us if you are having difficulty with uploading a graphic(s), and we will assist you with uploading your graphic(s).

    »Images of children must be edited out or they will not be permitted.

    »Ads containing coupons for sale are not permitted.

    »Dating or escort services are not permitted.

    »Profanity may not be used in subject line or description box.

    »Nude or provocative images or links to adult-oriented websites will not be permitted.

    » No advertising for other ads will be allowed. Links to Ebay, Craig’s List, and other sites selling your items will not be permitted. You can add a link in your listing that will go to a photo page, a product catalog page, or other web page that may help sell your item. Also, Ebay ID numbers are not permitted.

    » Computer software that is sold in Classifieds must come with the appropriate license and activation keys.

    » The sale of beauty products, such as Mary Kay, and other new household products are prohibited.

    » Classified ads may be submitted as new listings once every seven days. If you need to make changes to your classified posting, please contact us for assistance. The re-posting of an ad more than once every seven days may result in removal of the ad or self-publishing privileges.

    »Due to the widespread practice of knock off manufacturing, it is asked that if you are listing an item, you cannot claim it as authentic or real unless you have proof of authenticity of the item. Brands such as Coach, Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, etc... all come with certificates of authenticity, cards with serial numbers and some items such as sunglasses are engraved on the arm with a serial number giving proof as authentic items. Woodlands Online reserves the right to edit or delete ads that raise concern of authenticity of the item(s) being placed for sale. It is asked that if you are listing one of these items, that you please be able to show proof that is in fact authentic. If you cannot, then please refrain from using the brand name in the listing as this is copyright infringement. Abuse of this policy will result in the loss of being able to use Woodlands Online classifieds.

    »Rodeo tickets for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or concerts must have pricing in the description, and the cost of the ticket may not exceed face value.

Thanks for participating on the Classifieds on Woodlands Online!

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