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What are the Jobs Market Policies?
Woodlands Online Jobs Market Policies
Woodlands Online provides the Jobs Market as a community service for area residents to post resumes or jobs online. The Jobs Market is a community tool to enhance your job search and/or to help you successfully fill a position.

The Jobs Market is a service we provide without charge to people who live or work in The Woodlands area only.

Area residents have the unique opportunity to self-publish Jobs Market Resumes. Resumes can also be submitted through the site, in which case the Jobs Market Administrator approves or denies the resumes. Woodlands Online allows companies and organizations the opportunity to post jobs free of charge through the site. For Business Self-Publishing of Jobs Visit our media kit for more information.

Woodlands Online solely reserves the right to edit, accept, or reject any information or item submitted. For more information regarding the use of this site please read our Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


We strive to provide a place where all employers and job seekers can enjoy an equal opportunity utilizing our Jobs Market.

These are the rules and policies for using our Jobs Market: 

    » Posting jobs on Woodlands Online Classifieds are for the benefit and enjoyment of people that live or work in The Woodlands area.

    » All Resume/Job Posting titles will appear in mixed case, as to not give off the notion of online shouting. The first letter of each word will be capitalized, and only the first word.

    » No playing with sorts. Numbers, letters, asterisks and any other symbols are not permitted in the subject/titles.

    » Job Postings and Resume titles should be as specific as possible. For example, resumes should not be titled "Any" and jobs should not be titled "Job Opening." Be more specific with your titles; this will aid you in filling the desired position or having your resume found.

    » Employment agencies may list jobs in the Jobs Market, but first, they must have a Business Self Publishing Account.

    » All required areas of the form for job postings and resumes must be filled out completely. Any jobs or resumes without the appropriate fields filled in will be denied approval or taken down immediately.

    » The appropriate Job Classification, Industry, Employment Status and Job Location must match the job being posted or the resume. If all fields are selected, the posting will be deleted.

    » Job postings will only be approved if they are within the area. Those postings that are for employment "at home" or to work online will not be approved. Employers must have a physical location. P.O. Boxes are permitted only for non-profit and government organizations.

    » Some form of contact is required, such as a phone number or email. This way, potential employers/employees may contact you regarding your posting. If you choose to have your email as the desired form of contact, your email address will be masked to keep spammers from contacting you.

    » Salary cannot be listed in the title of the posting.

    » Home-based business job opportunities are not permitted.

    » Independent contractor positions reliant upon signing up with another independent contractor or paying a fee to begin work are not permitted.

    » Job postings may be submitted as new listings once every seven days. If you need to make changes to your job posting, please contact a Jobs Market administrator for assistance.

    » Resumes with blank spaces in Skills, Education and Resume will be deleted. It is necessary to post some sort of information regarding yourself for your resume to be approved.

    » Please do not post false information about a job or yourself in a resume.

    »Graphics and inappropriate language are not permitted anywhere on a job posting or resume. A picture may only be uploaded in a Job Seeker Profile.

Thanks for participating on the Classifieds on Woodlands Online!


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