Additional Barrier Against COVID, FLU, and Upper Respiratory Infections!

By: Body BeneFits, Inc. | Published 01/18/2024


Give yourself an affordable and effective additional barrier against Covid, FLU, and Upper Respiratory Infections.  CofixRx Nasal Spray is effective in giving you an invisible mask to these bacteria and viruses.

Here's how germs and pathogens spread, and how CofixRX works to protect.

One of the main ways germs and pathogens spread is during close contact.

1)An infected person coughs, sneezes, or breathes, releasing particles into the air.

2)For those close enough to the droplets, the particles are then breathed in and travel into their sinuses and make their way to the nasopharynx -- where the nasal cavity and throat meet.

3)CofixRx creates an additional protective antipathogenic barrier around the nasopharynx, inactivating germs/pathogens and providing a layer of protection from infection and transmission.

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