Life Lessons for The Woodlands Highlanders as 2017 Champions Cy-Fair Win 27-7

By: Carlos Gosselin, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 08/31/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - The Woodlands High School squared off with the state champions Cy-Fair Bobcats. The football season rolled into week one for both teams as they are both looking for that first win of the season. The search will still be on for the Highlanders as they were unable to grab the victory versus The Cy-Fair Bobcats losing 27-7.

As the first quarter commenced there were two series from both teams, both three and outs. Highlanders punter Fabrizio Pinton booted the ball into the Cypress night, and Cy-Fairs Christian Richmond catches it and makes a one cut to the end-zone. The score had been at a stalemate for almost the whole second quarter, until Ryan Nelub, quarterback for Cy-Fair bombed a 48-yard pass to Christian Richmond for 20 yards.

The Highlanders pressed hard to get a stop, finally slowing down the Bobcats at the 21-yard line. Jake Ruiz kicked a field goal making it 10-0 for the defending champions. Halftime approached with two minutes left in the quarter, and Jim Rapp made a quarterback change for Ben Mills who is the junior backup. Failure to get a couple runs and quick slants resulted in another punt. Bobcat running back Jalen Woods took the ball up the home sideline for a 57-yard touchdown and like that the Bobcats are up 17-0.

The second half started with the Highlanders trying to get something offensively going, but resulted in another Pinton punt. Only moving the ball 10 yards, the Highlander sent another punt up into the sky. Moving the ball to the 33-yard line, Cy-Fair sends out their secret weapon Jake Ruiz, who blasted a 43-yard field goal from the left hash to make it 20-0 for the Bobcats.

Four minutes left in the quarter the offense tried to make adjustments to get points on the board. Coach Jim Rapp made another quarterback switch late in the game to junior backup Ben Mills, but again falling short, coach sent out Pinton for another punt. With the football landing on the 30-yard line, Bobcat offense trotted out on the field and start grinding up the field. Back up running back Chase Davidson sparked the offense with a 14-yard run. On the Highlanders half Jalen Woods, took another handoff resulting in a 4-yard touchdown.

Fourth quarter started with the Highlanders chipping away for 2-3 yards, gaining small chunks until eventually another punt is sent into Bobcat territory. Junior backup quarterback, Ben Mills starts airing out the ball with no concern in the 4th quarter. With one good toss, the Highlanders end up at the Bobcats 5 yard line and Breyton Gilford gets an inside handoff and with a O-line push, he hits the end zone to make it 27-7 Bobcats.

The Woodlands High School start their season 0-1 and the defending champs start their campaign at 1-0. The Woodlands Highlanders look to take on the Lamar Texans this Thursday night.

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