The Woodlands College Park Cavaliers fall to undefeated Klein Collins Tigers

By: Carlos Gosselin, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 09/28/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - The College Park Cavaliers came up short Thursday night against Klein Collins Tigers with the final score concluding 30-0. The Cavaliers look to make a redemption run after having two back to back losses against The Woodlands and Klein Collins. College Park started their season 3-0, with a two-loss skid, they look to improve next week and continue their winning ways.

Klein Collins Tigers came into Thursdays game 4-0 in the season and were looking to make a statement that they are a top-tier team, in the Klein district. The Tigers got off to a sluggish start but then turned into the undefeated Tigers we all know. College Park's defense held up in the first quarter and slowly started fading as the game progressed.

The 17 points that were put up by the Tigers in the first half came from a 25-yard field goal by Axel Zavala, and a touchdown from Tre'veon Petty who took a jet sweep run for 20-yards into the end zone. For the College Park Cavaliers, offensive execution was a struggle. Jake Hunnicutt and his offense tried everything in the first and second quarters but came up drastically short.

Looking to come into the half, not too far from the Tigers, the Cavaliers tried to hold off the explosive offense of the Tigers. With 3:34 in the first half, Klein Collins running back Isaiah Spiller drove the offense all the way to the scoring position. With a 60-yard run, running back Isaiah Spiller cemented himself as a household name for the night and his first rushing touchdown of the night, finalizing the first half score to 17-0 Klein Collins Tigers.

In the second half, Klein Collins quarterback Carter Rhyne and his Tiger offense pushed forward until they were at the Cavaliers 40-yard line. With the Klein Tigers being in scoring position and Isaiah Spiller running on all cylinders, the inside handoff came to back up junior prospect Braelon Bridges, who floored down the left sideline, punching in a 40-yard touchdown for the Tigers, pushing the lead to 24-0.

Coach Lonnie Madison and his Cavaliers looked to have their back against the wall all game, as they punted more this game than they had all season. Junior punter Andrew Lutz was out there more than the Cavaliers could have ever wanted, and like that the ball was back in Klein Collins hands.

With the game getting out of reach and out of hand, Braelon Bridges got to work, running down the clock and torching the Cavaliers defense. Running back Braelon Bridges found seems and holes as he ran all over the Cavaliers defense and drove in Klien Collins into scoring position.

With 6:51 left in the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers seemed to want to pack it up and go home. As time kept running down and another Andrew Lutz punt was called, blasting it to the Cavaliers side of the ball. Just like that Klein Collins Tigers and Carter Rhyne’s offense came out with a mission. Coach Madison tried new strategies to get his Cavaliers defense to learn from the disaster and push forward, but Klein Collins already had Coach Madisons moves planned out. Thursday night was Coach Madison's homecoming against his old ballclub, and it was the first time he had coached against his ex-team.

Senior quarterback Carter Rhyne looked to finish the game strong. With pocket mobility Carter Rhyne started taking off on the Cavaliers defense, running forward and racking up yards. Five minutes left in the quarter and Tigers quarterback Carter Rhyne and offensive star Isaiah Spiller seemed to be packing it in. Lessing their production to save them for next week, the Tigers sent out running back Jonathan Lewis. Lewis started his campaign as he started to rack up numbers with the game winding down. Rhyne became a handoff machine as the game came to fruition, fullback Jonathan Lewis took an inside run after all his work and ended up with another Klein Collins Touchdown. Totaling the score 30-0, the Tigers looked to wrap up the contest and head home with another undefeated victory.

Cavaliers and Coach Lonnie Madison are currently sitting at 3-2 and are looking to make corrections heading into next week against Klein Forest High School. With last week ’s game-winning loss to The Woodlands Highlanders and another blowout loss to Klein Collins, the College Park Cavaliers look for a rebuilding game, when they face 1-2 foes, Klein Forest.

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