Did someone break Pedro's jaw? Will you help him?

By: Montgomery County Animal Shelter
| Published 10/23/2018


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Sweet little Pedro's arrived at the shelter with a broken jaw. Will you help Operation Pets Alive pay for his surgery?

Pedro wandered up to the home of some nice people who took him in for the night. Upon closer inspection, the finders could tell something was not right with the puppy’s jaw and they knew he needed help. The good Samaritans brought Pedro to Montgomery County Animal Shelter where it was deemed he had a broken jaw. Operation Pets Alive (who has raised funds for special MCAS offsite vetting fund) was able to secure a consult and surgery appointment for the very next day at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. The break is thought to be an injury that occurred when he was younger and although the surgeon was unable to realign the jaw completely, the area was thoroughly cleaned and a canine was removed along with some baby teeth. It is not known what caused the jaw break but several people involved in his care believe he may have been kicked or hit very hard - the injury is consistent with other broken jaw cases where violence was attributed.

Still, whatever happened to Pedro, he has not let it dull his spirit. He is estimated to be about 4 months old and is an incredibly happy and sweet natured pup. Pedro has the most beautiful, soulful brown eyes and a cute, wrinkly forehead. This little survivor will make a complete recovery with lots of rest and a period of 24/7 muzzling and pureed food. Pedro deserves the best in life and he will be ready for adoption following his recovery. OPA is thankful for kind donors who make it possible for us to care for shelter pets like Pedro. Your generous contribution to OPA’s MCAS outside vetting fund is immensely appreciated and always put to good use. Please consider making a donation toward Pedro's surgery. We know Pedro is worth it. Don't you agree?

Make a donation for Pedro!

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